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iMessage, but who reads? Apple logs message contacts and location

Apple may have been paying lip service when it frequently assured its customers of its commitment to privacy, including denying the FBI the ability to hack into an iPhone. Turns out Apple logs the location of iMessage and shares information with police.
For iPhone users, there’s a world of difference between a text message sent in a green bubble and another sent in a blue one. Green means that a message is sent through a standard SMS service, but blue signifies that the message has been sent through Apple’s end-to-end encrypted messaging network that has been a point of pride for the company’s privacy policy.

While the messages are indeed end-to-end encrypted, it may not be as secure as it sounds. The encryption keeps Apple from being able to actually read your messages, but that does not mean these messages aren’t leaving a trail that Apple can follow.


.Documents obtained by the Intercept show that Apple records the IP address of its users every time they launch a query by trying to contact someone through Apple’s Messages app. Basically what happens is that your phone reaches Apple’s servers to see if the message can be sent through their network or if it needs to be sent via SMS.


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