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India’s selfie obsession hits new low as man takes picture in front of dying road accident victims

India’s obsession with selfies and social media has reached a new low, with three road accident victims dying as onlookers took selfies and filmed videos on their phones instead of rendering aid.

Police have condemned the behaviour of bystanders, who watched without helping three men who were severely injured after their bike was hit by a school bus in the northern state of Rajasthan.

Photos circulating on social media and in the Indian press show people taking selfies as the injured men lay sprawled in pools of blood on the road.

The three men were all labourers at a concrete factory.

A video posted on social media shows about a dozen men standing in a semi-circle watching the men — one writhing in pain and pleading for help — as they bled to death on the road.

One of the injured men died instantly in the accident, while the other two lay injured for half an hour before dying.


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