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iPhone, Android devices totally defeated by CIA “zero day” exploits… massive collection of CIA spyware revealed in secret document dump

A colossal dump of highly classified data showing the massive breadth and scope of the CIA’s technological capability to spy on virtually anyone, anytime has just been released by Wikileaks in what is being billed as a “Snowden 2.0” dump.

In a statement to the press, Wikileaks – which code-named the data release as “Vault 7,” noted that the first full part of its series of releases, “Year Zero,” involves more than 8,700 documents and files that originated from an isolated highly protected network located inside CIA’s “Center for Cyber Intelligence,” physically located at its headquarters in Langley. Va.

The latest dump follows what Wikileaks characterized as “an introductory disclosure” in February of the year the spy agency began targeting French political parties and candidates in the lead-up to elections held there in 2012. The whistleblower website said that CIA documents indicate that all major French political parties and candidates were “targeted for infiltration by the CIA’s human (HUMINT) and electronic (SIGINT) spies” beginning seven months out from the balloting.


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