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Iran Accuses Foreign Enemies of Sponsoring Violent Protests—Just Like The CIA Did in 1953

Nearly 65 years after the United States Central Intelligence Agency had a crucial role in the overthrow of Iran’s government that sent the nation into chaos, Iran’s leaders are now accusing foreign enemies of fueling a string of anti-government protests.

In the last week, 21 people have died and hundreds of protesters have been arrested. As many of the protesters have openly expressed their criticism of the government, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is blaming the “enemies of Iran” for the outrage, according to a report from the Associated Press.

The start of the protests was economical in nature but has since been morphed — likely with the help of outside state actors — into a full-scale anti-government movement pushing for regime change.

Khamenei claimed that the enemies in question have been meddling with the country’s internal affairs. The comments, which were made on Khamenei’s official website, according to the report, accused the aggressors of providing money and weapons to protesters—a technique the U.S. and its allies use often.

“In the recent days’ incidents, enemies of Iran utilized various means—including money, weapons, politics and intelligence apparatuses—to create problems for the Islamic system,”



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