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Is John McCain a weapon of mass destruction?



US Senator John McCain is calling on the Obama administration to send weapons to Ukraine, thereby turning up the thermostat in a country where an estimated 50,000 civilians and soldiers have already perished.

Sean Hannity began the Ukraine segment of his interview with John McCain by casually rewriting modern history, possibly in anticipation of another Hollywood blockbuster.

Hannity:I know [Barack Obama] has met with Chancellor Merkel, but he seems reluctant and resistant [to deliver weapons] even though Crimea and the Ukraine were pretty much annexed by Putin to do anything to support [Kiev]. Why?

The more I am forced to watch Fox News, the more I believe the pause/rewind button was invented so that viewers can make sure they heard the hyperbole correctly.

Did Hannity, a political opinionator for Fox News, actually suggest that Putin “pretty much annexed” Crimea and Ukraine? No, he didn’t suggest it, he actually said it, and we can be sure McCain will not correct him on the matter. Indeed, the old warhorse will place a cherry and some whip cream on top of Hannity’s heaping mound of what is generally known in the business as ‘bullsh*t.’

McCain:Five thousand Ukrainians have been murdered. The first time since the end of World War II that one country has dismembered a nation in Europe and to not give them weapons to defend themselves will go down as one of the shameful chapters of American history, and the Chancellor of Germany and the President of France don’t surprise me, but they should be ashamed too.


First, McCain is being conveniently conservative with the number of fatalities in Ukraine. Just this week, a source in German intelligence told Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung that the real number of deaths in the Ukrainian civil war was about 50,000 – a number 10-times higher than that put forward by McCain and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

Is McCain deliberately deflating the Ukrainian death toll so as not to alarm the European Union as to the true nature of the ticking time bomb on their doorstep? Is Poroshenko being disingenuous about death and destruction in order to secure more lethal means for attacking East Ukraine? Judging by his performance at the Munich Security Conference, where he flashed some “Russian soldiers’ passports” as some sort of proof of a full-blown Russian invasion of Ukraine, anything is possible.


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Source:  RT