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Is London about to be hit by a major EARTHQUAKE?

Is London about to be hit by a major EARTHQUAKE? Scientists discover two fault lines under the capital that could trigger a massive tremor

Scientists have found two fault lines running under London that could cause a magnitude 5 earthquake.

The faults move between 1mm and 2mm a year, with one running directly under central London and another under Canary Wharf.

While London is believed to be overdue a quake, researchers claim there is only a one-in-a-thousand-year chance of a magnitude 5 tremor occurring in the capital.

The last large earthquake to affect London occurred on the 6 April 1580 and was estimated to have been a relatively large magnitude 5.5.

The chance of an earthquake is ‘enough to be scary but not fundamentally a problem’, Dr Richard Ghail, a specialist in civil and environmental engineering at Imperial College told the Telegraph.

If a magnitude 5 earthquake hit, the shaking would be similar to standing on a platform between two passing trains.

A magnitude 6 earthquake, however, could cause damage to buildings.



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