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Is Satanic Artificial Intelligence (AI) Going to Control The World?


It seems that more and more people are being sucked in, gravitated to and wanting to be part of the satanic.

More and more we are seeing things like Transhumanism, a mutated technologies and other mutated systems that appear to be put in place so that “they” the Luciferians can control us.

The rumors that I have been looking into appear that they have the desire to build an artificial AI system so that they can predict the future so that in the long run they are able to control man.

Satan wants to be like God and become God. Thing is that he is not able, so therefore we are seeing these things come in to place. The devil is not omni present, so what does he do? He and his followers then start building AI machines that can compute and predict the future.

By making this AI machine, it will then “understand” the future, decipher everything faster than the speed of light and because of the abilities Lucifer and his followers will be able to manipulate people.

I remember reading a great book by Salem Kirban called 666. It was the first bible prophecy fictional book that came out long before Tim LeHaye’s books.

But in it Kirban calls out a super computer called BEAST that is an all knowing all seeing AI machine that is able to monitor everything anyone does.


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