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Is the EU now commands NATO?

It’s been just one day that the EU and NATO have deepened their cooperation in the cyber war. And already uses the new “Alliance” to the EU NATO to make regulations.

The international community must “pressure on Russia maintain”, said Secretary General Stoltenberg. It was therefore “important that economic sanctions be maintained”.

By our Foreign Minister Steinmeier no contradiction, was so far known. The Ukraine is not a member of NATO. And the NATO dominance of United States reconsiders just their relationship with Russia.

Who does Stoltenberg so? Italy and some other EU countries want to extend the sanctions. Even the EU aid to the Ukraine have become questionable.

Estimation of the EU Court of Auditors billion aid are namely wasted money. The ‘poor track record on corruption”will endanger the utility.

Again, who does Stoltenberg actually? And why the EU does not contradict him? Did she acquire not just “strategic autonomy”? The answer comes soon – from Berlin…

P.S. to Turkey, Stoltenberg says nothing. While questioning them even the NATO mission in the Aegean Sea – and has half of its staff dismissed bim NATO HQ in Brussels. There were all spies of Narter said.


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