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Is the EU Using Its Refugee Crisis As an Excuse to End Everyone’s Freedom to Travel?


As countries across Europe aggressively clamp down on their borders, the Schengen Area, which once allowed free movement across much of the continent, is rapidly vanishing. A response to the greatest crisis of forced human displacement since World War II, the crackdown has been widely criticized as inhumane and dangerous for the large numbers of people fleeing war and poverty.

Countries once regarded as relatively welcoming are now imposing stringent new rules. Among them are Sweden, which for the first time in 50 years began on Monday to force people arriving from Denmark to show photographic identification.

The controls coincide with new border checks imposed by Denmark on people crossing its southern border with Germany. These are the first such Danish restrictions since 2001, and they go hand in hand with an aggressive new package of laws allowing police to search and seize valuables from newly arrived asylum seekers.


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