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Is This a 250-Million-Year-Old Microchip?



In the past month, articles have been circulating on Internet forums and blogs stating that a 250-million-year-old microchip was found in Labinsk, Russia, and that the find was confirmed by the “University of Southern Polytechnic Nowoczerkaskiej.”

The photo of the purported microchip above has been published with these articles. Evidence of computer technology from such a remote age would indeed be an astounding find!

Epoch Times has learned that the university responsible for the investigation of the “microchip” is the Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University. Many curious online commentators on the articles found it difficult to track down information on the “University of Southern Polytechnic Nowoczerkaskiej” because of the phonetic spelling.

The university sent a statement to the Max Portal Russian news agency in November 2014 clarifying that the “microchip” is actually a 410-million–450-million-year-old sea lily fossil.

Sea lilies are a type of aquatic creature known as a crinoid. Sea lilies are stalked crinoids that are attached to the sea bottom; they filter food particles in currents flowing past them.