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Is this the next superbug?

Is this the next superbug? Understanding drug-resistant candida and why antibiotics don’t work

Move over, superbug: The next drug-resistant pathogen could be a fungus that already calls our body home.

In a study published in The Journal of Infectious Diseases last year, researchers noted an uptick in reports of invasive Candida infections that are resistant to antifungal agents. The article, which discussed the current trends in multidrug resistance, revealed that cases of multidrug-resistant C. glabrata are now common in many health centers. Surprisingly, reports of resistance increased with the introduction of more antifungal agents, including azoles which were known to be especially effective against Candida species.

To understand the underlying mechanism behind this dangerous multi-drug resistance, Charles Kwang of Kwang Wellness walks us through how Candida affects a person’s body, why conventional treatments are useless against it, and what we can do to prepare against it.


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