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Is Zuma finally finished? Lawyers point to ‘criminal, impeachable’ behaviour

It is possible that President Jacob Zuma could be stepping down sooner than previously expected – and possibly within days or weeks. He has given up on attempting to keep confidential a report on allegations of state capture involving his friends the Gupta brothers from India in the High Court today. The High Court has heard that there is information pointing to criminal, impeachable behaviour and there is an argument Zuma should pay the full legal costs of all the teams after wasting resources on a court bid that had no chance of success. Zuma is losing support fast from across the ANC. South Africans have been demonstrating in the streets for him to go. Meanwhile, the leader of the Democratic Alliance, Mmusi Maimane, has hailed this week’s legal victory as a sign that the good guys are winning (see his full statement below). With the state capture report set to be made public soon, the big question is whether Jacob Zuma is coming to the end of his time as South Africa’s president. With rampant corruption and self-enrichment across the state sector and social problems like poverty, high crime and unrest at university campuses bedevilling the country many citizens are hoping he will be ejected soon – and possibly even before the end of the week. – Jackie Cameron


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