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It’s Time To Connect With Your Friends Without Cell Phones, And Start Living Your Life!

There’s no shortage of inspired films urging the public to ‘wake up’ and consider living the life they were gifted. But as each one is incredibly unique and offers powerful insights to ponder, we’re sharing the short film created by Victor Habchy titled Start – Shut Down.

In the following short film, Habchy acknowledges the sadness that exists in modern interactions.

While we may have a smartphone in our pocket, a laptop in our backpack, and a car parked in the driveway, few in our world are pleased with what they have – a conundrum many believe is caused by technology-induced isolation and loneliness.

While technology may be transforming our world on a physical level, it has become very clear that spiritually and emotionally, humans are more disconnected than they’ve ever been.

But as the video conveys, ‘We can beat that by connecting in a way we’ve been able to all along’. It’s time to shut down Facebook, connect with your friends without cell phones, and begin living your life how you please. Beat that, Instagram.