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Iranian News Sites Erupt in Rumors That Kerry Hurt in ISIS Assassination Attempt

Iranian news sites erupt in rumors that Kerry was hurt in ISIS assassination attempt


WOW! The “Jerusalem Post” has now asked the question “Was John Kerry Shot in Switzerland” or was he truly injured in a bike accident?

The story of Kerry breaking his femur in a bicycle accident in Switzerland was then concocted to hide the real source of his “grave injuries,” the report states!



Iranian media erupted on Wednesday with an unsubstantiated rumor that US Secretary of State John Kerry was not injured earlier this week in a simple fall from his bicycle in Switzerland, but rather he was the target of an assassination attempt while meeting with Islamic State terrorists.

The Iranian media has been known to report “conspiracy theories” in the past, such as a September report that Israel was spearheading a dangerous global plot to spread the Krav Magamartial art worldwide and a December report that Israel was building settlements in Iraq.

The latest Iranian report, first published by the Nasim news agency and subsequently picked up by dozens of Iranian news sites, based its information on “an American news website” which cites a Russian foreign intelligence service report as the source of the information.

According to the report in Nasim, Kerry secretly met with one of the leaders of Islamic State on Sunday. The meeting eventually led to an armed clash and an attempt to assassinate the US secretary of state.