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Julian Assange Just Showed How YouTube Censors Ron Paul For Promoting Peace—This Is 1984

In the past few weeks, YouTube has made an unprecedented move to censor political outlets which they claim promote hate speech or extremist content. However, as Julian Assange just pointed out, peaceful anti-war politicians like Ron Paul are also being snubbed out in the name of controlling the narrative.

When standing up against an illegal war with a message of peace and liberty becomes a censorable ‘offense’ it’s time to start paying attention. 

To not be so blatant about their attempt to quash peaceful anti-war messages, YouTube is employing a form of soft censorship. Instead of simply deleting the videos—which has happened to the Free Thought Project on numerous occasions—YouTube is moving to slowly strangle alternative media through defunding their accounts, limiting their reach, and informing new viewers that the content may be offensive or extreme.



Through employing these various soft censorship techniques, YouTube is effectively manufacturing the narrative. When certain opinions are suppressed while others are promoted, this is a de facto form of social engineering.


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