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Jurassic World of Genetically Modified Simulacra

Jurassic World is the sometime sequel to whatever the last Jurassic film was.  In Jurassic Park, a ill-conceived theme park based on genetic resurrecting of the dinosaur all-star team.  Now, Hollywood shows it’s gone fully green in recycling the same plot for a new audience of zombies with Frankensaurus Rex.   While the Jurassic Plot (that’s a joke) is only a sliver different from the first, this time around genetic modification has transformed the resurrected dinos into GMdinO hybrids despite the chaos unleashed in the original park: In this respect the human inability to learn from the past is accurate.  As such, the heights of absurdity cannot be over emphasized, as the descent of Hollywood into a simulacra of a simulation takes meta to a new level of entertainment irrelevance and non-being.

Think of it – a theme park is a synthetic reality.  In it, humans escape “reality” for a period of a few days in a false world of entertainment, hedonistic abandon, guttural consumption, and the latest in smoke and mirrors stagecraft wizardry.  And following this week of escape, Amerikans (especially) return to the real world – of entertainment, hedonistic abandon, guttural consumption and the latest in smoke and mirrors stagecraft sports spectacles.  On top of this, Jurassic World is a film (synthetic reality) about a synthetic reality, and for much of the film, we are watching the surveillance team of Jurassic World watch the fake world of Jurassic World.   So, to recap for those lost in the meta, a fake Amerikan populace is watching a false reality about a false reality within a false reality.  Onion rings of false realities! Would you like any CGI fries with those illusory onion rings?



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