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Key Witness in Britain’s Biggest Pedophile Case Lives in U.S.


In Britain’s sickening scandal to end all scandals, the child victim who may have the most to tell is now a man who has rebuilt his life in Connecticut.


The key to bringing Britain’s alleged VIP pedophile ring to justice could be the testimony of a successful businessman now living and working in Connecticut.

The man, who allegedly was the victim of sickening sexual abuse as a schoolboy, fled Britain for a new life in the United States where he now has a thriving career and a family.

Scotland Yard detectives have told The Daily Beast that they understand his reluctance to come forward after officers failed to properly investigate his claims in the past, but they believe his account could prove crucial to securing the convictions of surviving members of a child sex abuse ring that operated at the heart of the British establishment throughout the 1980s.

After decades of alleged cover-ups the extent of sex abuse rings that included politicians, intelligence agents, judges and celebrities has only begun to emerge in recent years.

At the center of the claims is the Elm Guest House, a secretive hotel in West London, which, according to police, allegedly operated as a gay brothel that hosted regular child sex abuse parties attended by wealthy and influential guests. One of the boys who was considered a “favorite” and a “prize possession” to be shared by the abusers at these events is the man who has since relocated across the Atlantic.

He has refused to be dragged back into the ordeal.

A senior Scotland Yard officer said the victim had been procured for child abusers at Elm Guest House by members of his own family. “This survivor gave us a statement some time ago with graphic details of his alleged abuse, including being regularly raped by a close relative, and also named some individuals involved,” the detective told The Daily Beast.

His original statement was made in a different era, when Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government apparently was colluding to cover up allegations against some of the prime minister’s closest advisers and cabinet members. Scotland Yard detectives now say they believe claims that politicians and influential figures were responsible for systematic abuse that may have included the murder of three teenage boys.


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