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Kiev losing Western support against Russia: Ukrainian president

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says it is now difficult for his government to gather Western support in its confrontation with Russia, which Kiev and its allies accuse of having a hand in the crisis gripping eastern Ukraine.

Addressing the parliament on Tuesday, Poroshenko said “Ukraine will continue to need strong international support in the fight against Russian aggression.”

He added, however, that “securing this support is becoming increasingly difficult for our diplomats due to different objective and subjective factors.”

He also said the internal strength of Europe was being tested by external issues, including the refugee crisis and terrorist assaults.

Poroshenko warned that European political forces willing to compromise with Russia could win in the 2017 elections.

“Over the course of the next year, political forces could come to power as a result of elections in several European countries that may not be extremist, but are inclined to compromise with the Kremlin,” he said.

“Europe still speaks with one voice, but there are also countries where the Russian accent is already too audible,” said Poroshenko.


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