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‘Land of Rape and Honey’ Considers Rebranding



The Canadian town of Tisdale is asking residents for their thoughts on changing the town’s slogan after 60 years.


Local officials in the town of Tisdale, Saskatchewan are considering changing the town’s motto, ‘Land of Rape and Honey,’ which has greeted, and offended, visitors to the area for almost 60 years.

The slogan is depicted on a sign for visitors who enter the town, and is actually a reference to  its history as a producer of rapeseed crops and honey. To those unaware of the historic link, however, the slogan is more likely to engender disbelief, or even offense due to the association with sexual assault.

Rapeseed was once commonly used to produce vegetable oil; more recently, a modern strain of the rape plant was introduced which is the source of canola, a vegetable oil which is commonly used to produce biodiesel. The name ‘canola’ is taken from ‘Canada’ and ‘oil’: its friendly, patriotic name was chosen by the board of the Rapeseed Association of Canada in the 1970s.

Town mayor Al Jellicoe says that his office receives one or two complaints each year from people who have seen the sign, and believes that “we’re at that point where we need to change it,” adding that he fears the slogan is having a negative impact on attempts to attract business investment to the town.


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