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Las Vegas Shooter Brought More Than 10 Suitcases Into The Hotel

Even the Washington Post (10/2) expresses puzzlement: “Among the questions they [investigators] have: “…how he [Stephen Paddock] was able to bring it [a weapon] and many other weapons into a Vegas hotel suite undetected.”

“[Las Vegas Sheriff] Lombardo said hotel staff had been in and out of the two-room suite, which Paddock had stayed in since Sept. 28, and spotted nothing ‘nefarious,’ though he had more than 10 suitcases.”

I see. Ten suitcases. More than 10. How many? Fifteen?

Paddock, a high-stakes gambler the casinos know well, a man they know is a local resident, suddenly shows up with 10 suitcases. Hotel staff are in and out of his suite and no one has questions?

This raises no red flags?

In a city where the hotels and casinos have many layers of security, including metal detectors, Paddock quietly slipped in with more than 10 suitcases holding weapons and ammo?

The city of Las Vegas has shown up in ISIS chatter as a target of interest. Wouldn’t that cause hotels and casinos to step up their already heavy security?

A year ago, KTNV reported: “’Terrorism is very much in the forefront of every casino owner’s mind,’ said retired Lt. Randy Sutton, 13 Action News Crime and Safety Expert.”




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