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Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock kept a doctor “on retainer” to keep feeding him mind-altering psychotropic drugs

The man behind the recent Las Vegas massacre has something in common with the perpetrators of many other mass shootings in recent years: Psychiatric drug use.

A court deposition in a civil lawsuit filed by Paddock over a slip-and-fall incident against the Cosmopolitan Hotel that was obtained by CNN provides insight into his state of mind, showing he often gambled all night, slept during the day and avoided the sun. According to Paddock’s own testimony in the case, he had no criminal record, no history of addiction, and no mental health issues.

Nevertheless, he said that Nevada internist Steven P. Winkler prescribed him Valium “for anxiousness.” He did not say how often he took the medication, but he guessed that he had around 10 to 15 pills left in a 60-pill bottle that had been prescribed for him a year and a half earlier at the time.

When asked if he had a good relationship with Dr. Winkler, Paddock bragged that he had him on retainer and had “good access to him” because he paid a yearly fee.

While it’s not yet known when he last took the drug, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that he had been given another prescription of 50 10-milligram diazepam tablets on June 21 by Dr. Winkler, according to the prescription drug monitoring database of the state of Nevada.

He filled the prescription with insurance the same day it was prescribed at a Reno Walgreens and was supposed to take one pill per day.


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