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Latest facial recognition software can identify you even if your face is COVERED, exchanging even more privacy for “safety”

Soon it will be impossible to cover up your face and hide your identity as you engage in a criminal activity, thanks to up-and-coming facial recognition technology.
The bad news is, you won’t be able to hide in plain view either, just to protect your privacy.
As reported by the UK’s Daily Mail, the technology under development has already progressed far enough to virtually “unmask” people in most situations. The Disguised Face Identification (DFI) system employs an AI network as it maps facial features hidden behind scarves, head gear, and even fake beards and mustaches to identify people.
No doubt the system can be integrated with criminal databases so that flagging of wanted people can be done instantaneously; in fact, such systems already exist for automobiles. As Natural News has reported as far back as 2013, police departments have been using license plate readers that allow cops to instantly identify people wanted for various crimes as they drive by their vehicles.
Police aren’t concerned about privacy and the incredible amount of hackable data being collected by the readers. Rather, they’re more concerned with revenues: As the Boston Globe reported in May 2013, one $24,000 plate reader paid for itself in just 11 days. “We located more uninsured vehicles in our first month . . . using [the camera] in one cruiser than the entire department did the whole year before,” said Boston PD Sgt. Robert Griffin.
Now, authorities want to take instant database identification a big step further with new facial recognition technology, which will put a quick end to remaining anonymous in public.


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