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Leaked Memo Reveals EU Plan To Suspend Schengen For Two Years


Earlier today we reported that in a dramatic and, what to many may seem unfair variation of “carrot and stick” negotiations conducted by European bureaucrats, the EU threatened Greece with indefinite suspension from the Schengen passport-free travel zone unless it overhauls its response to the migration crisis by mid-December, as frustration mounted over Athens’ reluctance to accept outside support.

The slap on the face of the Greeks was particularly painful because this warnings of an temporary expulsion from the EU happens just days after Turkey not only got a €3 billion check from Europe because it has been far more “amenable” in negotiating the handling of the hundreds of thousands of refugees that exit its borders in direction Europe, but also was promised a fast-track status in negotiations to be considered for EU accession and visa free travel. Ironically, it is also Turkey which is the source of virtually all Greek refugee headaches as the following map shows.


We summarized the situation earlier as follows:

“not only do the Greeks suffer under the weight of 700,000 refugees crossing into its borders from Turkey and headed for a “welcoming Germany” which is no longer welcoming, now they have to suffer the indignity of being ostracized by their own European “equals” who are being remarkably generous with non-EU member Turkey, which may very well be funding ISIS by paying for Islamic State oil and thus perpetuating the refugee crisis, while threatening to relegate Greece into the 4th world, and with visa requirements to get into Europe to boot!”