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Letting God Sort Them Out: Swedish Doctor Refuses to Treat Christians



Swedish Doctor Dan Johannesson, who is an atheist, refuses to treat Christians.

Christians will no longer receive medical treatment from the former head of the orthopedic department of the provincial hospital in the Swedish city of Kalmar, as Dr. Dan Johannesson, who is a vocal atheist, is electing to turn away religious patients, according to Swedish Barometern OT.

Johannesson wrote on his Facebook account:

From now on I refuse to treat Christians, because I have a strong belief that Christians have an inner demon that might hurt me and insult my feelings.

Johannesson’s statement came after Ebba Busch Thor, the new leader of the Christian Democrats, said that Swedish doctors should have the right to conscientiously object to performing abortions.

Johannesson hopes that his statement will initiate a discussion about the collision between faith and science. In the past, the doctor has said that people who “believe in supernatural nonsense shouldn’t be allowed to enter politics.”