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LG reveals ‘wallpaper’ TV just 2.6mm thin and so light it can be hung on the wall with MAGNETS

LG has unveiled an array of devices to make smart homes even smarter – including a radical ultrathin TV than can be hung on the wall with magnets.

The new TV is expected to go on sale this year

The ultrathin LG Signature OLED W television is just just 2.57mm thin in the 65-inch model, and mounts seamlessly to the wall to create the experience of ‘looking through a window into another world.’

The company is set to market the device, which as yet has no price or release date, as a ‘wallpaper’ TV.

o avoid cables, it has a single cable that runs to a sound bar, which has all of the normal connectors.

There is built-in Wi-Fi and four HDMI ports, complete with 4K video and HDR tech, and will also be available in a 77-inch version.

The smart TV’s operating system is an enhanced version of webOS: webOS 3.5, and the set is also 25 per cent brighter than last year’s Signature edition OLED TV.

LG revealed its 2017 Super UDH TV lineup, which uses the firm’s nano cell display technology to generate the most accurate colors, and reduce screen glow.

The uniformly sized one nanometer dots cover the panel, and help to suppress wavelengths of light.


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