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Little Girl Perfectly Explains SB277 (CA’s Mandatory Vaccine Law) To Adults


Should it be an individual’s right to opt out of vaccinations if it goes against their personal beliefs? According to the constitution, yes, but this is no longer an option in California, USA, with the recent bill (SB 277) passed into law. SB 277 removes parents’ ability to exempt their child from receiving a number of now-mandatory vaccinations, and, as could be expected, many are upset about this news.

Olivia, a California native, breaks it down in the video above, and shares a number of reasons why SB 277 is a ‘bad bill.’

During the measles epidemic, there was only a 1 in 300,000 chance of an individual contracting the disease. In addition, most of the cases reported did receive their vaccinations, making a lot of arguments moot. There also hasn’t been a death due to measles since 2003.

In addition, California’s vaccination rate is higher than the national average; will making all vaccinations mandatory benefit the entire population? The government says yes, but Olivia points out there were over 34,000 injuries and deaths related to vaccinations in the past year. That’s a lot and is also a concerning reason as to why many parents are cautious about vaccinating their children.



What will happen to this young girl now that SB 277 is the law?