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Little-known feature of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago: Bomb shelters

Mar-a-Lago’s flag pole and coat-of-arms have drawn attention, but not so much has been said about its Red Scare-era bomb shelters.

Hidden inside the hedges bordering President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, the shelters now could provide an added sense of security for cabinet members and international leaders joining the president on his Palm Beach weekends.

In fact, Mar-a-Lago is home to three bomb shelters, along with dozens of bedrooms, more than two dozen bathrooms, two pools and a walkway that runs under South Ocean Boulevard to the beach.

The bomb shelters are no secret: Cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post, who built Mar-a-Lago in 1927, had the bomb shelters installed during the Korean War. They were mentioned in nearly every Palm Beach Post report on the sale of Mar-a-Lago to Trump in the mid-1980s. And Trump has occasionally spoken of them since.

The Greenbrier's Bunker

The Greenbrier’s Bunker


In a 2007 Esquire profile, then-businessman Trump told writer Tom Junod that three of his properties are equipped with bunkers — Mar-a-Lago, Trump International Golf Club in suburban West Palm Beach and Trump’s estate in Westchester, New York. The bomb shelter at the golf course now serves a different purpose.

Trump Is Hiding In A Nuclear Bunker Beneath #Maralago