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London is a ‘modern day slavery hotspot’: Building sites, restaurants and hotels are using ‘forced labour’, police chief warns

London is a world hotspot for modern slavery with victims forced into hotels, restaurants and building sites, a top police officer said today.

Detective Chief Inspector Phil Brewer, head of Scotland Yard’s anti-slavery unit, has revealed a surge in cases in the capital in 2017 where people are working against their will, for no pay and in dangerous conditions.

In the year to the end of June police have had 820 cases referred to them – compared to 1,013 in the whole of 2016.

Detective Chief Inspector Phil Brewer, head of Scotland Yard’s anti-slavery unit warned there has been a surge in people working against their will in dangerous conditions during 2017

The Met needs staff in industries like construction and hospitality to blow the whistle on the crime and help find victims while charities who come into contact with vulnerable people could also help.

Servants kept prisoner in poorer communities or in ethnic minorities also needs to be stamped out because some group think it is culturally acceptable.

Detective Inspector Brewer told Reuters: ‘ Everyone realises now we’re never going to police our way out of this.



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