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London’s Ex-Mayor Compares The European Union To Hitler

If the US presidential election has devolved into a comical soundbite free-for-fall, then the UK has its hands full with Brexit, and how the two opposing camps are approaching the UK’s vote to exit the Eurozone on June 23.

On one hand there are the fearmongers who comprise the “stay” campaign, among which such glowing examples as PM David Cameron who last week warned World War III could break out in case of an affirmative vote, followed shortly after by BOE governor Mark Carney warning of recession risk and a sharp plunge in Sterling, while the IMF’s Christine Lagarde likewise chiming in in defense of the status quo.

On the other hand, those in the pro-Brexit “leave” camp have been riding the recent wave of anti-immigrant sentiment sweeping Europe, and have been pushing to portray the increasingly shaky European Union (whose customs union may or may not survive another refugee onslaught) as the reason for UK economic weakness.

This culminated today when ex-London mayor Boris Johnson compared the European Union’s aims to those of Adolf Hitler, arguing that the 28-nation bloc is creating a superstate that mirrors the attempt of the Nazi leader to dominate the European continent.

As AP reports, Johnson, the most prominent political figure arguing that Britain should leave the EU, says the past 2,000 years of European history have been dominated by doomed attempts to unify the continent and recreate the Romans’ golden age.


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