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Macron denies arrested bodyguard is his LOVER

Macron denies arrested bodyguard is his LOVER and says he did not give him the codes for France’s NUCLEAR BOMBS

French President Emmanuel Macron has been forced to rubbish claims his disgraced ex-bodyguard was his lover.

Alexandre Benalla, 26, was sacked as Macron’s head of security last week after a video of him wearing a police helmet and beating protesters emerged.

He has now been arrested and taken into police custody, with the President branding his actions ‘disappointing’ and a ‘betrayal’.

In a statement to MPs he said Benalla was not his lover nor did he have access to any codes for France’s nuclear weapons.

He said to his fellow En Marche representatives on Tuesday:  ‘Alexandre Benalla has never had the nuclear codes … Alexandre Benalla is not my lover.’

It is the second time Macron has denied a gay affair, after his sacking of Radio France boss Mathieu Galet, 41, led to claims it was to quash rumours of a relationship.


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