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Madonna with Saint Giovannino: Painting with a UFO?

Is There a UFO in the Madonna with Saint Giovannino?

Madonna with Saint Giovannino is a 15th century painting at the center of a debate that has been going on for decades. Ancient alien theorists believe there is clearly a UFO in the background sky. Other historical paintings also depict strange objects in the sky, and this, say alien theorists, supports the argument that aliens have been coming to our planet and interacting with humans for millennia.

First this article will discuss the artist most often credited with this work, and also the controversy surrounding the true artist. Then it will present some information about religious symbology used during the Florentine Renaissance, and you can examine the strange UFO painting and decide for yourself whether or not you think the object is of alien origin.

Domenico Ghirlandaio is most often credited with painting the Madonna with Saint Giovannino during the 15th century. Ghirlandaio was born to a family in Florence during the Renaissance period in 1449. His father was a goldsmith and became well-known for making the metal garlands that renaissance women wore around their heads. Thus, the family acquired the name Ghirlandaio, “garland maker.” Domenico Ghirlandaio started out as an apprentice under his father. Giorgio Vasari, an art historian who lived during the 1500s, said Ghirlandaio used to paint the people who would go into his father’s shop. However, he later apprenticed with master painters and eventually set up his own art studio. His style of blending everyday scenes with religious themes (such as the one in the Madonna with Saint Giovannino) made Ghirlandaio very popular. He eventually became one of the most renowned Renaissance painters and was especially popular for his beautiful frescos.



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