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Mainstream medicine now pushing for young people to transfuse older adults with their blood to prevent disease

Just when you thought the medical industry couldn’t become anymore sick and depraved, they do something insane to prove you wrong. A new startup, known as Ambrosia, has pioneered some earth-shattering new trials on a very terrifying new technology: Using the blood of young people to heal the old.

Their research has shown that transfusing older individuals with the blood of young adults can help to reduce the risk of diseases such as dementia, cancer and heart disease. As the Daily Mail notes, “It is similar to that of former North Korean dictator Kim Il-Sung who was said to take blood from people in their twenties to try to live to 100.”

Apparently, the finding has breathed new life into the myth that young blood can reverse the signs of aging from the inside-out.

The founder of the San Franciso-based company, Jesse Karmazin, reportedly told New Scientist,  “I don’t want to say the word panacea, but there’s something about teenagers. Whatever is in young blood is causing changes that appear to make the ageing process reverse.”

If that isn’t cryptic enough for you, Karmazin and the rest of the Ambrosia team have been taking blood from people as young as just 16 years old, and offering transfusion to older adults (some as young as 35). A total of 70 people participated in receiving the blood transfusions — and as is the nature of corrupt pharma companies, Ambrosia charged these participants a whopping $8,000 for the chance to take part in their vampire-inspired study.



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