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Marine Le Pen blasts EU for ‘blind relationship with Islamist states’

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the French National Front party, has slammed the EU’s handling of foreign and migrant policy, saying that current problems in France stem from a lack of foresight in geopolitics and ‘blind conformity in relations with Islamist states.’

Speaking at a rally in Lille on Tuesday, the 47-year-old politician, who is running as the Nord-Pas-de-Calais regional presidential candidate in the December elections, criticized the movement of refugees in Europe and EU policies aimed at curbing the ongoing crisis, claiming that EU leaders have shown a lack of geopolitical vision.

Le Pen said that problems in France are rooted in the country’s “crazy immigration policy, made without discernment, and with the abandoning of the principle of assimilation.”

According to Le Pen, a similar lack of foresight was the reason behind the “Iraqi, Libyan and Syrian chaos, with the humanitarian, political, military and migration consequences that the world and Europe are currently facing.”

“Their lack of judgment and blind conformity pushed them to look away from proselyte Islamist states such as Qatar [and] Saudi Arabia, and where there is no doubt left, from Erdogan’s Turkey and its hypocritical attitude,” she added.

Le Pen went on to remark that “clandestine people and those who spread hatred should be systematically expelled to their countries of origin.”

The government and its president are confined to symbols. They don’t fear a paradox when they call people to wave the national flag, to invoke the nation but always appeal to post-national logic, meaning anti-national from Brussels.”