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Massive Sinkhole Opens In Florida Releasing Millions Of Gallons Of “Slightly Radioactive” Water

Floridians are no strangers to massive sinkholes opening up in their porous terrain often resulting in damage to surface infrastructure built on what was thought to be stable ground.  But, for the latest massive sinkhole that just opened up in Mulberry, Florida, the problem isn’t what damage was caused on the surface but rather what was allowed to leak into the Floridan aquifer.  Measuring in at a massive 40 feet in diameter, the latest Florida sinkhole opened up directly underneath a gypsum stack at Mosaic’s phosphate fertilizer producing New Wales facility about 30 miles east of Tampa.  According to local news reports, the retention pond was holding 215 millions of gallons of “slightly radioactive” water that was also contaminated with phosphoric acid, all of which drained into the Floridan

Of course, per NBC, despite taking a week to discover the sinkhole and admitting they have no idea where the contaminated water flowed once underground, Mosaic has assured nearby homeowners, many of whom rely on well water, that there is no cause for concern.  Mosaic even offered to test the water of worried homeowners, free of charge.  Isn’t that incredibly nice?


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