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McAfee: Half the world will be using cryptocurrencies in 5 year

Cryptocurrencies will become a ubiquitous form of moolah in under half a decade, John McAfee told RT, doubling down on his optimistic forecast for cryptos despite bitcoin’s recent slump.
“In five years’ time, over half the world, I promise you, will be using cryptocurrency,” the legendary security software pioneer told RT correspondent Miguel Francis-Santiago during the Asia blockchain cruise hosted by CoinsBank. “And the half that does not is going to be the half that probably does’t have smartphones or any access to the internet,” McAfee added.

The blockchain conference in Phuket, Thailand, boasted more than 1,000 participants from 50 different countries – including more than one hundred Russian ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), which hoped to attract cryptocurrency investments to raise fast cash for their start-up companies.


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