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‘McCarthyism on steroids’: US war on Russian media won’t stop with branding RT foreign agent

Washington’s ultimatum for RT America to register as a foreign agent is a “significant escalation of the war launched against Russian media” which only demonstrates how desperate the US establishment has become, British media expert Neil Clark believes.
“It’s quite outrageous that they are having to go back to a piece of legislation that was designed to deal with Nazi propaganda, that’s how desperate they got,” journalist and writer Neil Clark told RT. On Thursday, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) issued an ultimatum, giving a company that supplies all services to RT America until November 13 to register as a foreign agent. The channel’s head faces arrest if the broadcaster does not comply with the cited 1938 legislation, the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).


“What they can’t do in America at the moment is literally just take RT off air. They’d love to do that, but that would cause such a scandal,” the expert pointed out, saying the unfolding situation is a test to US democracy. While shutting down the Russian channel would be a violation of the First Amendment to the US Constitution – protecting basic human rights and social freedoms – those behind the DOJ order “are looking for backdoor ways of increasing the pressure” on Moscow, he said.

“RT is not a foreign agent, head of RT America is not a foreign agent, who is pushing for this? It’s the endless neocon war lobby in America, the Iraq war brigade and they are angry because RT has a growing audience share in America and around the world. RT puts the different narrative out to the war party narrative on issues like the Syrian conflict, for example. So I think these warmongers in the US are very angry that RT has been so successful,” Clark explained. “I think we can really call it McCarthyism on steroids now.”



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