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Media on Trial event banned

Media on Trial has released the following statement:

3 May (Media on Trial) Today, on World Press Freedom Day, Leeds City Museum, a city council owned and operated venue, cancelled the Media on Trial’s booking for the event we had planned for 27 May.

The fact that the event was cancelled is perhaps bad enough. What became clear as the day has progressed, though, is that Leeds City Museum appear to have informed the press and media of the cancellation before they informed Media on Trial organisers. Indeed they waited for the Media on Trial representative to arrive at the venue for a planned meeting following a four hour train journey before giving us the news.

They seem to have taken this decision on the basis of misinformed assumptions about the content of the event, and offered no right of reply to Media on Trial.

Leeds City Museum has cancelled an event that threatened mainstream media and UK Government narratives that have enabled another regime change war to be waged against Syria, financed by British taxpayers contributions.

The cancellation of the event attempts to deny the public a platform to express its profound dissatisfaction with the systematic disinformation campaign run by a British media that protects power from truth, rather than holding truth to power.

Media on Trial fully intends to hold this event despite these attempts to silence us. We will be in contact with ticket holders shortly to explain our plans.


‘Media on Trial’ is a grassroots movement instigated by Frome Stop War, an independent anti-war organisation. The goal is to cultivate a public scepticism when faced with establishment and corporate media’s partisan reporting at times of conflict.

Since the appalling disinformation disseminated when our government was debating the Iraq invasion, the same media, rather than reforming their reporting procedures, have continually used biased and dubious sources to propagandise for deadly interventions and regime change.

For this reason, and because glaring examples of media misinformation in the lead up to regime change or interventions have come to light, Frome Stop War and its expert panel of speakers will again put the ‘Media on Trial’


Media On Trial  in 2017

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