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Merkel Calls for More Censorship to Silence the Opposition

There are growing fears that Merkel will resort to totalitarian censorship laws after Christmas market truck attack

Germany’s Angela Merkel has come under renewed criticism for her suicidal migration policies after a migrant committed a terrorist attack by driving a truck directly into the crowds at a Berlin Christmas market. Many see the terrorist attack as a direct consequence of Merkel’s vocal support for the EU’s deliberate policy of running down the national states of Europe by mass importation of migrants from the Middle East and North America. Instead of heeding the legitimate criticism, the opposition warns that Merkel will respond by doubling down on her government’s efforts to silence the opposition.

A recent report  detailed how the EU has already been in lockstep with the US working on tightening the screws on the media and the opposition. The report raises the concern that the Western powers are in the wake of the fake news hoax and the much hyped Russian propaganda scare plotting to establish a totalitarian media regime with full scale censorship. The German government has lately sent out strong signals preparing the public for such extreme measures.

Speaking in parliament at the end of November, Merkel expressed concern that alternative media outlets are responsible for subverting the government’s control over the public. She claimed that alternative and social media pose a “danger to national security” as the public opinion was being swayed away from establishment politics. Translating from German, this means that Merkel tells the elite and establishment media now face overwhelming problems in spreading their lies. “We must confront this phenomenon and if necessary, regulate it,” Merkel proposes in order to rescue the license to lie. Merkel stresses that, “opinions aren’t formed the way they were 25 years ago.” Could be a reference to her native GDR, but most probably she just meant the Western mainstream media, which two are more or less the same, only the Western media used to put up a better show.

Hereby Merkel is using the CIA developed toolkit: accuse them of fake news, lies, hate speech, extremism, and even populism and then crackdown on it. – Her inclusion of “populism” in the list of dangers is especially disturbing. Participation in political processes is “democracy” when it fits the elite agenda, but “populism” when the people dare support alternative programs that contradict the elite’s totalitarian agenda. In fact, it is the same with “social media.” What is this social media but a platform for people to express and share their opinions? A crackdown on social media is then nothing else than a crackdown on people, on their right to free speech.