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MERKEL WARNS: “In 20 years we will only be allowed to ride a car with a special license”

Thursday afternoon local time in front of students at the Polo Científico Science Center. At the time, Angela Merkel had already completed a fifteen-hour flight from Germany and a seven-hour program in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires . For the first time, she visited the South American country.

Perhaps her state of diminishing ability to concentrate was due to the fact that, in the questionnaire after a somewhat tangled speech, she let herself be carried to a bold statement which was bold for a German chancellor. A student asked the chancellor how she would imagine the world in 20 years.What problems do you face?

The auditorium laughed. A little too general seemed to be the question. Predecessors of the questioner wanted to know more about planned double taxation agreements. But Merkel accepted the offer and reflected on how she imagines the world in 20 years.“That’s not so far away,” she said.

At first she repeated some well-known positions and views.The demographic trend would be a major challenge, of course digitization would completely change the working world. Nothing new. But then the Chancellor said abruptly: “In 20 years we will only be allowed to ride a car with a special license.” There will be autonomous driving.



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