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Microsoft again forced upgrades on Win10 machines specifically set to block updates

For the third time in the past four months, Microsoft ‘accidentally’ upgraded Win10 1703 machines to version 1709 in spite of explicit, correctly applied, deferral settings. Gawrsh

When Microsoft released Win10 Pro Creators Update, version 1703, it included the ability to control updates. Some would argue (and I still do) that the ability to readily block updates is the most important feature of 1703 — and the single reason why individual Window 10 customers should spring for Win10 Pro, instead of Win10 Home.

Now, for the third time since its release in April 2017, Microsoft has simply ignored those blocks and moved machines on to the Fall Creators Update, version 1709, without warning or explanation.

Confirmation of the latest fiasco arrived last Friday evening, as part of a note appended to the end of a Knowledge Base article, KB 4023814. There is no patch associated with KB 4023814. It’s an “explainer” KB article titled, Some versions of Windows 10 display a notification to install the latest version



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