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Migrant in Germany Commits 542 Crimes, Angela Merkel Refuses To Deport Him

Authorities are unable to establish his identity and country of origin

A migrant in Germany suspected of committing hundreds of crimes has been left to roam the street after Angela Merkel’s government admitted they do not have the power to deport him. The man, who remains anonymous because authorities are unable to establish his identity and country of origin, is free to roam the streets off Frankfurt causing a danger to German citizens. The only verifiable fact that authorities have the on the migrant is he arrived in Germany some 20 years ago, in 1998, with no identity documents. He has lived on the street since and currently resides in Frankfurt German police have said that 542 criminal proceedings have been opened against him during these years “One third of the investigations were related to possession and purchase of drugs,” Ruediger Buchta, a high commissioner with the Frankfurt police, told the German media, adding that the migrant’s other alleged offenses included “fraudulent acquisition of services like fare dodging,” as well as “assault, theft, robbery” and numerous “offenses against the Residence Act.”


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