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Military Takeover Plans Revealed As Real-Life Training Comes To Americans Backyards In Preparation For Red List Roundups

For those still unaware, Biggs makes it clear at the 2 minute mark that when military’s drill, they do so in locations that are as close to the actual conditions they will be operating in as possible, making drills on soccer fields and in towns across the USA that mirror every day America that more deeply troubling that Americans should be asking questions why.

As I stated in my March 13th story, drills will be conducted between the hours of 11 pm and 4 am, times that US Army Special Ops Commander Thomas Meade told would allow them to “get a true interaction with the public” which led us to ask, between those hours, what public do they intend to ‘interact’ with?

Are these massive military drills here in suburban America really in preparation to round up American citizens, gun-owners, Christians and US Constitutionalists who comprise the massive ‘red list’ warned about countless times by the alternative media, such as this recent story from Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show called “The Jade Helm 15 Drill Is A Martial Law, Civil War And Red List Extraction Drill”?

Websites that put out stories such as these are then labeled ‘conspiracy theorists’ by government agents and trolls as shared in this story from Susan Duclos warning of special ops being unleashed on social media, such as ‘BS Detector’ seen in the Jade Helm 15 story comment below, who babble mindlessly in comment sections at websites such as All News Pipeline that dare put out stories that the national mainstream media dare not touch as the invasion of America comes to our backyards.




Jade Helm Martial Law WW3 Prep Document 1 by All News Pipeline



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