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Moon landing movie stirs controversy by leaving out American flag

RT | One small step for man, one giant sh*tstorm for the internet. A new Canadian-directed Neil Armstrong biopic drew fierce criticism after it left out the iconic planting of the star-spangled banner on the moon.

‘First Man’ opened to rave reviews from audiences at the Venice Film Festival on Wednesday for Canadian actor Ryan Gosling’s portrayal of astronaut Neil Armstrong. Faithfully depicting the 1969 moon landing, the movie did leave out one important detail: Armstrong’s planting of the American flag, which still stands motionless on the moon today.

American flags could be seen in the background in several shots, but the omission still rankled American viewers. How could Hollywood write such a towering American achievement out of history?

Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) led the charge. “This is total lunacy,” he tweeted. “The American people paid for that mission,on rockets built by Americans,with American technology & carrying American astronauts. It wasn’t a UN mission.”



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