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Moonraker (1979) and The Breakaway Civilization Disclosed


I’ve been invited to speak at the Secret Space Program Conference in Austin, Texas October 31-Nov 1 on the theme of predictive programming, Hollywood, and the notion of the breakaway civilization. (If you’re interested in attending, type the code sspdyer2015 here for a discount).  A notable example of this concept in film is the 1979 film adaptation of Ian Fleming’s Moonraker.  I have highlighted this breakaway theme in numerous instances, such as films like Interstellar, The Box, Brave New World, 2001 and novels like The Passage or Atlas Shrugged.  Moonraker the film differs significantly from the Fleming’s novel, but the differences and parallels are important to highlight: The novel focuses on a kind of Operation Paperclip scenario where Sir Hugo Drax is secretly building a V2 rocket in tandem with the Nazis to destroy England and rebuild the reich.   I think for many, the film adaptation a few decades later represented an exceedingly outlandish interpolation on a pulp spy novel that failed to achieve much more than mimic the box office success of science fiction blockbusters it attempted to copy like 2001 and Star Wars.

On the contrary, I would posit more is at work here than just putting 007 into a Star Wars laser battle setting.  The most obvious thing to recall is that 1979 is roughly the birth of the Star Wars Defense Initiative (born at Bohemian Grove), where plans would be posited for a DARPA-style space-based weapons system in the vein of Skynet would be drawn up.  Thus, concurrent with this deep state initiative concocted under the auspices of the Cold War showdown with the Soviets, the Tesla-esque satellite decapitation and directed energy weapon scenarios that would become the Skynet/Smartgrid Internet of Things we are witnessing today.

In tandem with the decades early planning would be the predictive programming in Hollywood blockbusters to prepare that generation for the implementation of that grid, such as ARPANET (the Internet) in the near future.  Thus, my thesis is that Moonraker the film represents the second phase of the Operation Paperclip/NASA program that birthed the rocket and “UFO/foo fighter” aerospace technology we see today.  In other words, the 1954 Fleming story Moonraker is phase 1 of the same “space program” that Moonraker the film is phase 2 of, and that is the deeper reason for the sci fi trajectory of the updated narrative.  Recall as well that, by the late 70s, 007 was already the largest film franchise, so we can expect it to have been crucial in preparatory induction for the coming technological age.  (The novel’s plot is very similar to Guy Ritchie’s recent Man From U.N.C.L.E., too).



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