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More problems for Samsung ? – Galaxy S7 exploded in cafe after problems with NOTE 7

Samsung S7 smartphone overheated and then EXPLODED in teacher’s hands in the middle of busy cafe


Samsung Galaxy S7 before meltdown, left, and its charred shell, right, after
Samsung Galaxy S7 before meltdown, left, and its charred shell, right, after


A SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 owner fears she could have been killed as it overheated in her hand and exploded.

Supply teacher Sarah Crockett, 30, told how the phone blew up in a busy cafe even though it was not being charged.

Similar incidents have been reported previously when the phones are on charge, although a case like Sarah’s has also emerged in the US.

And experts say it could spark a fresh crisis for Samsung.

The South Korean giant has already had to issue a full recall of its latest handset, the £750 Note 7, after devices burst into flames when charging.





WHAT is causing this overheating problem?


Samsung says it will investigate Sarah’s case.

It could be because of dodgy batteries like some in the Note 7.

But as there have been so few cases, it might be that these are one-off problems.

If the handsets have been charged with dodgy leads — such as those bought in markets — they might have previously damaged the batteries so they overheat.


What should I do if I have an S7 or S7 edge?

Samsung says there are no known problems with the S7 and have no recall plans. That means they think these are very rare cases.

But if your phone is overheating regularly contact your network.


So is it a problem if I am using another charger?

Tech giants always tell you to use the lead and plug in the box as they have been properly tested.

Normally, it is fine if you swap them between a Samsung and a Sony or HTC.

But if you buy a replacement, watch out for cheaper ones from markets, eBay or phone repair shops.

Genuine ones from Currys or Carphone Warehouse will not damage your battery.