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Names of 4,000 Journalists Published on Ukrainian Hit List Website

Ukraine makes public the personal data of international journalists who worked in Donbass and vows to censor Russian singers at Eurovision at the 2017 song contest

In a developing scandal, the Ukrainian website Mirotvorets (Peacemaker) made public the personal data of more than four thousand Ukrainian, Russian and Western journalists accredited to the Donbass. This is not the first time this site discloses personal information, and at least two people on the lists were subsequently murdered.

The recent disclosures caused a huge international uproar and a wave of protests from human rights and major news organizations. Many news companies said they will impose stricter security measures.

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Mirotvorets was founded by Verkhovna Rada Deputy and Councillor to Ukraine’s Home Minister Anton Gerashenko. He vigorously praised the recent disclosures until international reaction shut him up.

But not for long. After Ukraine won the right to host next year’s Eurovision song contest, Gerashenko promptly said that only Russian contestants who support Ukraine will be allowed to perform. He was reprimanded by the European Broadcasting Union, the official organizer of the competition. Read more details here.

I wonder what will come to Gerashenko’s twisted mind next.

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