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Names of undercover police revealed, this scandal is worse than we thought

Two undercover police officers were arrested in Scotland whilst posing as protesters during the G8 summit protests in 2005.

The officers, who were part of the notorious Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) which infiltrated protest and social justice movements between 1968 and 2008, were among at least 5 undercover officers who went to Scotland to infiltrate the demonstrations.

The first of these officers, has been named by the Network for Police Monitoring as Jason Bishop. Bishop was involved in spying on anti-capitalist and anti-militarist protests between 2000 and 2005. He travelled to the protests with his flatmate, Dave Evans, who is alleged to have been another undercover officer, known for his involvement in animal rights protests.

They were arrested in July 2005, along with 9 others who were in a minibus during a massive Scottish police operation, against those they believed were responsible for organising protests during the summit. In fact, it was Evans who was driving the bus.

A first-hand view of the G8 protests

I was among those arrested that day. We had left Glasgow in the early evening, intending to travel to Stirling where there was a large camp for protesters. After having been on the road for about ten minutes, we were suddenly aware of lots of police activity, leading one of those in the van to joke about what was happening now we were leaving Glasgow.

However, the intensive operation was designed entirely to shackle us. Our minibus was stopped by several police vans. A helicopter hovered overhead, and fully kitted riot police ran out, surrounding the van and slamming their shields into the windows. Other riot police with dogs barking stood in front.

We were charged with conspiracy to breach the peace, and told we were being prosecuted at the highest level possible in Scotland – at the High Court of Justiciary where there are unlimited sentencing powers, and which is normally reserved for serious crimes such as murder and rape.