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NAS committee admits in a roundabout way that chemtrail programs exist



According to new reports released by a 22-member committee from the National Academy of Sciences, “full deployment” of geoengineering aerosols to mitigate the earth’s climate and manage solar radiation intake is far too risky and needs to be restricted to “small-scale experiments”, somewhat acknowledging that programs are currently taking place, without going all-the-way. It’s a form of conditioning.




They [the powers-that-be] are conditioning our minds to accept what the subconscious has already seen for years. You see — the experiments have taken place for decades and still continue to this day virtually everywhere you look. However it’s up to you to decipher what the eyes are actually seeing. It’s up to you to process the information forthcoming to your mind.



Even though we have documented actual geoengineering issues here at Intellihub for years now and I have even made a documentary film exposing ‘geoengineering’ and its power-players, the mainstream media has just now, recently, coming forth with snippets of information, minus the full picture of course, as the futuristic chemical haze left above us in the sky, by rogue militarized aircraft, seems to linger, loom, yet even longer than ever as we are now likely approaching the end of days. The days in which humans became gods.


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