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Nazi Paperclip Scientist (Excerpt from Peter Levenda – Secret Space Program)

Peter Levenda speaking on the secret space program and laying the foundational points and facts that explain the evolution of a secret space program.


“We’ve all heard of Operation Paperclip, I think. It started as Operation Crossbow; Operation Overcast. The British were trying to get the scientist, the Russians were trying to get Nazi scientist, and the Americans had their own program which they later renamed as ‘Paperclip’.

It wasn’t just the men — the scientist they were bringing over — it was also their documentation, it was also as much machinery as they could possibly get. We are talking about hundreds of railroad cars, freight cars filled with documents and equipment and machinery. Not talking even about the hundreds at first, and then thousands of Nazi scientist that were brought to the United States.

Nazi Paperclip Scientists

A group of 104 rocket scientists (aerospace engineers) at Fort Bliss, Texas – Source: Wikipedia

Here’s a photograph of the team at Fort Bliss, Texas, Paperclip members. That’s a hell-of-a-lot of Nazi scientist, and not a single funny hat among them, I will point out. [context: funny hats mentioned earlier].

One thing that’s important to remember about the space program in the United States; until 1957 it was not a civilian program. For the first ten years or fifteen years of its existence it was a military program. There was no NASA. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration had not been created yet, so all of these people worked for the military. The rocket program was a military program and you have to remember that that’s the origins of the space program — was with the army. Which later became the Army Airforce, which later became the…NASA, I mean the space program went under [the title] NASA.

These were supposed to be “our” Nazis, right? We were sold a bill of goods; I mean the United States was told, “oh, these people were not really Nazis, they were Germans, they were scientists, they were helping out, they were working for us, you know, they really weren’t [Nazi] believers. Yeah, right!

Why then, if this is so, did we bring the best and the brightest to the United States, give them whatever they wanted — all the resources that they wanted; whatever they needed, whatever they asked for;  and the Soviet Union was the first country to launch a satellite into space?

If they were really working for the United States and they had become born-again American patriots and card-carrying Republicans…yes, Republicans,…how did it happen that we didn’t get a rocket into space, we didn’t get a satellite into space; that the Russians were the first?

Well, what happened? Weren’t they sabotaging our space program since the very beginning? These are the true [Nazi] believers. This is just a handful of the people you’ll come across when you research this.

Walter Dornbers

Dornberger; Wikipedia

Walter Dornberger, later becomes the head of NASA. Later he gets a board position with Bell Aerospace in the United States. Is considered a rabid Nazi by the military intelligence officials who were doing background checks in Germany. They’ve got witness statements, they’ve got documents, they’ve got everything they need to put Dornberger in jail for the rest of his life. Those documents are buried.

Wernher Von Braun was an SS Major. There are photographs of Wernher Von Braun in a SS uniform.

The SS was not the Rotary. It was not the Boyscouts. You didn’t just, you know, kinda’ join the SS because it would further your career. That, no, that didn’t work that way. In order to join the SS, you had to prove your racial purity going back to the year 1750. There had to be no Untermenchun in your background, right; no Jews, no Gypsies, no Slavs, no Democrats. Nobody like that in the background of your racial purity. You had to prove this and you had to maintain a certain degree of involvement with the SS all the time.




Walter Dornberger, Friedrich Olbricht, Wilhelm von Leeb, and von Braun at Peenemünde,

Walter Dornberger, Friedrich Olbricht, Wilhelm von Leeb, and von Braun at Peenemünde, 1941. Source: Wikipedia

The SS was a pagan cult. The SS forbade mention of Christian holidays, even, in their documentation. The SS was extremely pagan, it was extremely anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-everything-else.

If you had a rank of major in the SS, you did not get that automatically. You got that because you proved yourself.
And Wernher Von Braun was proven later, to have been involved in meetings discussing slave labor requirements for the rockets systems at Peenemunde and also at Mittelbau. He was involved in the discussions, he knew about the killings of prisoners; the torture of prisoners; he was involved in all of that. It didn’t matter to Wernher Von Braun. – Peter Levenda – Excerpt from Secret Space Program speech.)

Audio transcription by Keith Kampschaefer (edits/interpretations/punctuations/omissions, mine)

Secret Space Program: Peter Levenda [Full Length]