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NEO – Washington turns its back on Poroshenko – he will be overthrown soon.


It seems that Poroshenko now has virtually no power over the course of events in Ukraine and he’s almost finished. According to what the leader of Novorossiya, Oleg Tsarov says – he will be overthrown soon.

Second, he does not represent any army because currently he is even unable to perform the successful mobilization, since the majority of Ukrainians do not want to fight after all. And third, the real power is the Right Sector, with Yarosh and Kolomoisky. As long as they have the money and weapons, there will be no ceasefire. Why is that?

It is for the simple fact that their only interest is power for its own sake and they do not intend to protect the people of Ukraine. It may come sooner than later that either do to corruption/indolence or NATO subversion that all volunteer forces and nationalist partisans from all factions will be branded as criminals or bandits etc…. Quote from facebook of Misanthropic Division.

The boys mean what they say and try really hard to produce their own weapons in workshops. There is even a video on this issue showing how to do produce an Ukrainian Bullpup.

Another negotiationstook place in Minsk for settlement of the military situation in Donbass, Ukrainian government continues to ignore calls of volunteer battalions about necessity of arming for volunteers. But it’s impossible to win a war without weapons. Therefore DUC battalion did it yourself, basing on the fact that we have what we have.

But it seems that the US will be supplying Ukrainian nationalists with “lethal defensive weapons” all the same, despite all controversy this step may cause, in order to prolong the war in Ukraine.

The leader of the “Right Sector” Dmytro Yarosh has already announced that an alternative General Staff was established, to which the so-called volunteer corps fighting against the uprising in Donbass will be subordinate.

Besides the UKO, about seventeen different volunteer battalions, both divisions subordinated to the Interior Ministry as well as the Ministry of Defence intend to join this initiative – said Yarosh.

Defense Minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic Vladimir Kononov said,

“I have data that 17 territorial battalions withdrew from subordination to UAF and came under the jurisdiction of Yarosh.” This is the “Right Sector”.

And, of course, only by mere coincidence, these 17 battalions are controlled by Kolomoisky, who according to the information provided by Oleg Tsarov, wants to overthrow the president by means of these battalions. Poroshenko is an unnecessary figure now who cannot control anything.


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